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No mess. No cleanup. No dry time.

Just stunning HD images

printed directly on your wall

or vertical surface, inside or out.

What is Vertical Printing?

Our revolutionary, industry-leading digital wall printer can print your sign, photo, logo, custom mural or artwork directly on your wall or vertical surface, indoors or outdoors.

The Xpression FX vertical wall printer is so versatile it can print directly on to:

  • glass
  • tile
  • metal
  • PVC plastics
  • ABS
  • wood
  • brick
  • cinderblock
  • stucco
  • paper
  • drywall
  • and almost any clean vertical non-adsorbent surface.

The ultrasonic EPSON print head automatically adjusts to changes in surface or wall texture to ensure that every print, graphic or mural comes out in stunning HD-quality.

Vertical wall printing is fast and convenient, requires no hanging or installation and the inks dry immediately. Wall prints are superior to vinyl peel-and-stick murals that over time can rip, peel, crack or fade and have inconsistent colour.