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What is mobile vertical printing?

We bring our HD inkjet wall printer to you and print your design directly on your wall or surface. There’s no dry time and no installation required afterward. 

Can you print on outside walls?

Yes. The inks are waterproof, scratch, fade and weather resistant. Even in prolonged exposure to Canadian weather expect an outdoor print to last up to 5 years.   

How long does it take?

When we arrive at your location, the setup of our equipment takes about 15 minutes. Depending on the print resolution required for your image, we print from 2 to 4 sq m/hr (20 - 40 sq ft/hr).

What can I get printed?

We can print logos, pictures, art, motivational messaging, signage, anything!

Our designer can even assist with putting together a design to your specifications.

Can you print my picture?

Yes, but it’s best that we check it first and and advise you if it is print-quality. We have some professional tools that can help make your picture look its very best.

I have a printed picture, how can I get it on the wall?

There are a number of ways to accomplish digitizing a printed picture. Use our Contact Us form to get in touch with us and we can discuss the best option.

Can you use pictures from Google or other search engines?

Generally, no. Images taken from Google (or other search engines) are very low quality and only look good on screens. They aren’t print quality and using them without permission breaks copyright laws. 

Use our Contact Us form to reach out and we can discuss your needs and our designer may be able to create something custom just for you. 

Can you print from a screen shot from my phone?

Generally speaking, no. But contact us and let us know your idea, because we may be able to create something similar for you. 

What file types can you print?

The file types we can work with include .ai, .eps, .jpg, .jpeg, .psd. 

How long does my print last?

You can expect your print to last up to 15 years indoors and up to 5 years outdoors. 

How can I make my image last longer outside?

Ask us about our add-on service of adding a protective coating to your print. 

Is the print waterproof?

Our inks are water resistant in normal conditions, like for cleaning, or in rain or snow. We wouldn’t recommend constant water exposure like in a pool. 

What can you print on?

We can print directly onto glass, tile, metal, PVC plastics, ABS and other non-absorbent surfaces. We can also print on wood, brick, cinderblock, stucco, paper, drywall and almost any clean vertical surface. 

Want to try something not listed? We’d be happy to try a small test print on your material. 

Can you print any colour or match my logo colours?

Our printer uses CMYK printing to reproduce colours accurately. We will use your Pantone® numbers of your logo or branding and our printer software converts them to print in CMYK inks. 

Can you print on a dark wall or surface?

Yes! Our printer has white ink. This ensures a bright, vibrant print even on dark or black surfaces. Our machine prints white underneath the CMYK inks in a single pass. 

How do I prep my wall or surface for printing?

Your surface will need to be clean and dry, and free from loose debris before printing.

I don’t have a picture but I know what I want to print. Can you help with the design or artwork?

Yes! Ask how our designer can assist you with your concept or idea.

We also have access to different collections to purchase. 

Can you print over a mural already on vinyl?

We can print on almost anything, however, it would be best to remove the vinyl mural, clean and prep the wall and let us print directly on your surface. 

How fast can I get a print?

If you need to work within a specific deadline or timeframe, please contact us and let us know. We will always do our best to meet your timelines. 

What if my wall isn’t straight, is it still ok to print?

Our printer detects and adjusts automatically for uneven surfaces up to 4.3 inches (11cm) to ensure proper ink placement and coverage and achieve HD quality on any surface. It can print high quality murals on slightly curved walls, or over or around imperfections.

Can you try a test on my surface to see if it will work?

Yes! If you can provide a sample of the product, we can do a complimentary test print.

For a small setup fee, we can provide an on-site consultation, view your surface and do a small test print to determine if it’s suitable. 

If we can complete the project in the same visit, your consultation fee will be waived.

What areas do you service?

We service the GTA, however we are willing to travel, but it may be subject to extra charges.

How much does a custom wall print cost?

That depends on the nature of your project. Generally, we price our murals based on the distance we have to travel to your location and the size of the print, which affects the amount of time and ink the print will take to complete. You can get an exact quote for your project by reaching out using our Contact Us form.