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The inks

Our vertical wall printer uses a unique and proprietary type of oil-based ink that’s both eco-friendly and incredibly durable. The inks are waterproof, scratch resistant and fade resistant in prolonged exposure to Canadian weather. The highly pigmented ink also cures almost immediately, thanks to the UV light technology used in the print head. 

Our 5-colour printer adds white ink to the traditional 4-colour printing technology, so our vertical printer can print vivid images on dark backgrounds, or white letters on glass windows and door signs. 

The durability of the ink means our wall prints are made to last – expect up to 15 years indoors and 5 years outdoors! 

Our inks don’t contain any toxic volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) or phthalates like vinyl, meaning they are safe for printing murals or signs in hospitals, daycares, doctor’s offices and more. 

When you’re ready for a fresh new look, the ink can be covered with primer and a coat of paint, or scraped off glass. 

The printer

The commercial EPSON print head on our wall printer delivers superior image quality at up to1440 DPI – that’s HD quality!  

We can print up to 2.7 m high (8’ 10”) by any length at speeds of 2 sq m/hr (20 sq ft/hr).  

Because our printer heats the inks, we can print outdoors year-round (weather and terrain permitting) if the temperature is -10° (14° F) or warmer